Email marketing

Do you want to let your clients know that you have an offer they can’t refuse or do you want to do a follow-up when somebody buys one of your products online? Do you want to inspire your followers with something more than a post on Facebook or do you want to attract new clients with a freebie? All these things are very doable with an email marketing system. Again it takes time to set this up. Plus the time it takes to find out what you have to do to set it up. Here I come into the picture.

What do you get when I set up your email marketing system:

  • System set up.

  • First form.

  • Newsletter template.

  • Newsletter integration.

  • First automation/sequence.

investment starts at 595,-

If you want help after I set up your email marketing system or you already have one set up and you want help with the planning of newsletters or you want more automations/sequences you can also leave this to me.

investment is 45,- per hour

Send me an email and tell me what you want me do to for you.